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We sometimes have owners looking for a person who would split costs.  Leasing a horse can be great for someone who wants to get out and ride, but not have all the responsibilities of ownership.  If interested in this, give us a call!

Are you looking for a new career?  Do you love working with horses?  Then become a Barefoot trimmer!  More and more people are looking for a GOOD barefoot trimmer, but to be good you need to learn from the best.  Barbara Dunn first learned this trimming technique from veterinarian Dr. Tia Nelson, then continued her education through various clinics, studied the works of Pete Ramey, Martha Olivo and Dr. Strasser, just to name a few!  She has learned that there is no cookie cutter way to trim horses, so it's best to learn as much as possible about the different techniques out there.
Give her a call to learn more!   208-412-6533

                                   Only for Barefoot Horses,

    All Breeds welcome and All hoof problems will be looked at,

    as our passion is to get horses healthy again through proper

             trims, healthy diet and a healthy environment.

Located in the foothills, one mile behind Shadow Valley  Golf Course.    We are a small family owned farm offering barefoot boarding.  We believe the best way for a horse to live is in constant movement (for circulation) and barefoot.  (With the proper barefoot trim!)

We have 9 acres fully fenced, a large shed for shelter (so horses can go in and out as they please).

All the horses get to eat 24/7, little by little, just like in the nature with our Slow Feeders.  This helps to reduce colic that can be caused by sand or ulcers (when too much time passes between feeding).   We are also willing to accommodate for any other special feeding needs.

Boarding cost is $260.00 a month per horse.

This includes:  Good quality grass hay 24/7 fed through our Slow Feeders
                        Regular trims by our certified barefoot trimmer, (Each
                        horse is on their own schedule).
                        Dewormers rotated every other month
                        All needed vaccinations
                        Ground up minerals
                        Sand Colic Prevention
                        Natural Fly Control for pastures, etc.
                        Emergency kit
                        Any extra needs for your horse
                        Access to 2 tack rooms
                        Restroom/Changing area
                        Access to our Arena/Corral
                        Direct access to about 83 miles of Avimor trails in the

Along with our wonderful Trimmer, we also have a Great Vet and Acupuncture pressure Massage therapist for the horses.

Some trailer parking available.

This is the perfect place if you want your horse to be barefoot, or if you are new to this, we can help you with the transition time that is needed for a shod horse to go barefoot.  To learn more about the benefits of having a barefoot horse, please take a look on the "Barefoot info." page at the left of this screen.

Don't hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions, or would like to come out for a visit.

Toussaint Farm
7756 Basin Way, Boise, Idaho 83714
(208) 936-4582 ask for Heidi

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